our roots interpreted by 9 international women artists

To admit that the roots of art plunge into a magical breeding ground, perhaps it is to open a path towards the prestige of the flower, its enchantments, its spells. In Images pour un jardin sans murs, the writer-poet Genevoix and the artist de Vlaminck, find an interesting connection between literature, poetry and art.

Last exhibition of a difficult year for art in particular, Roots aims to return the gaze to what is more intimate, our roots. Faces, trees, towns of origin, legends or other ancestral symbols of life which constitute the focus of contemporary artistic exploration.

This exhibition, postponed for Covid, will be held “in presence” in Paris in 2021, as soon as it will be allowed. The artists from disparate horizons, challenged by the theme have produced works in a way linked to their own historical and personal or artistic roots.

The artists : Moufida Bouamari (Algérie), Danisa Glusevic (Chili), Nada Karam (Liban), Aima Martin (Espagne), Lieve Ophalvens (Belgique), Serenella Sossi (Italie/France), Alissa Thor (France), Astrid Charlotte Wintgens (Allemagne), Christiane Tureczek (Suisse)

An exhibition under the sign of a return to what is essential in our lifes, in the hope of rediscovering this “magic soil” of Genevoix. A social, enthusiastic and artistic life as Pablo Neruda says in his Cahiers de Tenuco. “ To strip our roots. into the mighty land and deliver them to the ground. And when, around us, everything will be much larger, to Open our wings wide and start to fly. ”

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