22 artists Mad for Naples

In the Neapolitan tombola, the number 22 corresponds to “The Crazies”: a different look on the city of Naples through the artistic works of 22 international artists.

A cross-section of the city of Naples lived, appreciated and developed with their own technique.

Crazy about Naples the opportunity for international artists to live our city.

A workshop-art laboratory developed personally through meetings, visits, reports and insights related to the Neapolitan contemporaryart system.

The project’s theme with a personal European and international perspective, offering to the city of Naples, a comparison between theNeapolitan reality and the international art research.

The experience widened in the Vesuvian
 area allowed to test the interest and the pleasure of our territory to interface with the world 
of visual arts and to spend unforgettable moments discussing about abstract and figurative art, colours, flavours and smells, what unites and what differentiates men and women casually born in so distant places of the world globe.