MadforNaples…and SommaVesuvio – 2

“san Gennaro – o’ Vesuvio – e’ miraculi”

2nd edition 2018 – 2020

During the first edition 22 “Crazy Artists” at the end of their stay have left their impressions, sensations, memories, emotions and works of art, collected in a catalog illustrating the artistic path of each, emphasizing the appreciation for the ” art of living and how important it was to “come to understand” our particular philosophy of life. The product of the “contamination” created between Naples and the Somma Vesuvio area with the international breath of a group of 22 artists, all women from the farthest corners of the world (from European countries to the United States, Argentina, Peru, to Australia and New Zealand) is today a heritage of great interest and artistic and cultural value. An experience that is to be consolidated and increased by relaunching the project in 2017-2018.

This new edition, which once again sees the full sharing of the Vesuvian Association develops with renewed interest and with new peculiarities, along several lines of deepening: places, itineraries and routes , promotion and dissemination of what, even in the context of UNESCO, is meant for “immaterial cultural heritage, traditions and identity with the aim of highlighting what really constitutes “the Parthenopean and Vesuvian spirituality”, local productions.

The artists will convey their personal, distinctive, international look to the contemporary world of visual arts. The rich approach to art information will be enriched in this edition of new “knowledge and flavors”, fundamental details to go deeper into the knowledge of our civilization. A cultural interface – which was initiated in the first edition with an exchange of knowledge – will be made possible through the organization of meetings – presentation workshops, during which the artist will be able to illustrate, including through slides and publications, his own artistic path, their own techniques of work, the personal project they intend to develop with their own artistic sensibility. This will take place during the public presentation sessions, which will be the occasion for discussing and deepening individual, specific themes related to art and the different meanings of contemporary art.

The purely artistic experience will allow to capitalize impressions, feelings, emotions of the experience the artists will bring in the own countries of origin. In this way artists will become real “testimonial” of the project and our territory. The collected contributions will constitute an interesting database and will be reworked in the form of a promotional and dissemination product that will be offered to Metropolitan City, Vesuvius National Park, Municipalities, Entities concerned and may constitute a useful new tool for the dissemination of a wider knowledge of our territory in Italy and abroad.