Description of the Event

The product of the “contamination” created between Naples, Somma Vesuvio area and the international breath of the 19 + 22 artists who have already participated in our 2 first editions of the project, from many European countries to the United States, Argentina, Peru, to Australia, New Zealand, is today a heritage of great interest and artistic and cultural value. An experience that we want to consolidate and increase by relaunching the 3rd edition of the project 2022 – 2024.

This new edition, which once again sees the full sharing of the Association Vesuviani in Cammino, develops with renewed interest and with new peculiarities, and is focused on the important theme “I Miti fondatori”, so the Myths of foundation, with the aim of finding a contact between the legends and/or myths of the foundation of the city of Naples and the legends and/or Myths of other cities, origin of the international artists who will choose to apply, and if possible between the neapolitan Vesuvius and the vulcans of other cities. With this aim, the participating artists will convey their personal, distinctive, international look to the contemporary world of visual arts. A cultural interface – which was initiated in the first edition with an exchange of knowledge – will be made possible through the organization of meetings during which each artist will be able to illustrate his/her own artistic path, techniques of work, and the personal project he/she intends to develop with his/her own artistic sensibility. This will take place during occasions for discussing and deepening individual, specific themes related to art and the different meanings of contemporary art.

The purely artistic experience will end with a video interview with the artist in order to capitalize impressions, feelings, emotions of the experience that they will bring in their own countries of origin. In this way artists will become real “testimonials” of the project and of our territory. The collected contributions will constitute an interesting database and will be reworked in the form of a promotional and dissemination catalog product that will be offered to Metropolitan City, Vesuvius National Park, Municipalities, Entities concerned and may constitute a useful new tool for the dissemination of a wider knowledge of our territory in Italy and abroad.

Here some details of the project:

The project is in NAPLES (ITALY) : the place to be is in the very centre of Naples in the spaces of our home gallery ; the artist  will occupy part of the guest spaces of Monteoliveto Home Gallery with a terrace and a shared living room, located in the centre of Naples, overlooking the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius,  equipped with TV, Internet WI-FI, including kitchen, dining area and terrace shared with us. For this project there will be a catalog and the final exhibition will be held in a prestigious location in Naples area.


You have to come in Naples and visit the art sites and places and museums and exhibitions as you prefer, we will just give you a list of sites and events and you will be free to decide where to go the important is that you will have a personal feeling of our city and realize a work of art that can be a painting, a sculpture, a mixed media or even a performance, you are free to decide.  This work will be exhibited in a great conclusive event of the artists in a prestigious location in the Neapolitan territory for which will be made a monographic catalogue dedicated to the project, to the artists and their works.

The residence in Naples You will stay for the 2 weeks of the working project occupying part of the guest spaces of Monteoliveto Home Gallery with a terrace and a shared living room, located in the centre of Naples, overlooking the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

The project purpose is to have international artists come in our difficult but so beautiful city and give us a new glance of our city away from the traditional view of Vesuvius, sun, sea and songs; obviously, you will find this in our city, but we would like to have your personal artistic point of view. And this year, the project is focused on the Myths of Foundation.

Each artist will thus interpret what he/she will feel about our region, living in the area for 2 weeks and going to art places and sites to absorb the atmosphere. He/she will then realize his/her own work that could be a painting, sculpture, photograph or performance. The works will be on show at the end of the project, in the best location to give the project the maximum of visibility.

We will also realize a great professional catalogue of the participants and their works, make a great diffusion to the interested art and city bodies. Monteoliveto Gallery will handle the promotion and dissemination of the event on its website, its Facebook page and any other social platforms. The artists will all be placed with their artist page on the website of the gallery for 1 year. The project and the works will also be proposed to museums, art bodies, galleries and public spaces in order to give them the maximum of diffusion and a great visibility.

Some photos of the past editions

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