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Lieve Ophalvens

Lieve Ophalvens is a Belgian painter with Brasilian origins. This double culture is visible in each aspect of her art. Her onirical creations deconstruct and reconstruct the women anatomy in her own way. What might seem, in the beginning, a complex and sometimes dark universe, reveals, little by little, a colourful world with round and joyful shapes. Her paintings hesitates between the abstract and the figurative and give us this impression of dream-travel. Lieve mainly paint portraits, using oils and different kinds of material, in order to give the painting a certain 3-D aspect. Colourfull background formations, surround a typical face, body or building.​ A lot of open space is created in order to reveil an own idea or opinion in the entire work.


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  • Femme Fatale
  • Fire
  • Green World
  • Moon girl
  • Wild roses
  • Purple dream
  • Looking forward
  • Old man
  • Negatifje
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