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01 Feb 2023 - 14 Feb 2023


John Bacon,  Fred Couprie,  Carla Kleekamp,  Lieve Ophalvens,  Kerstin Kager,   Jean-Marc La Roque,

Rine Philbin,  David Whitfield,  Ian Kingsford-Smith,  Danisa Glusevic,  Marlo Sarmiento,  Moufida

Bouamari,  Fulvio Tornese,  Serenella Sossi, Alissa Thor …

1 – 14 February, 2023

PARIGI – 15 Rue Saint Bernard

dedicated to the slow life and travel focuses on the gallery’s new Artistic, Cultural and Ecological Transition for 2022.
The theme is to propose works by artists who express what the word “TransitionS” in every aspect means for the artist.
The exhibition will be held in the Paris gallery near the Bastille together with some special events during the exhibition days.

For more information, please contact the gallery: +39 351 5499625 / +39 339 4871980 or: info@monteolivetogallery.com


Press Release:

After the success of the FOCUS PARIS #1 series of exhibitions that were held by Monteoliveto Gallery at the end of 2021 at our Monteoliveto Gallery Ephémère in the heart of Paris, near the Opéra Bastille, we are back for a new Parisian artistic month !

The full month of February 2023, Monteoliveto Gallery will retake place at the 15 rue Saint-Bernard in Paris to present two new exciting exhibitions !

Welcome to FOCUS PARIS #2 !

During all the month we will have different art events dedicated to art and the discovery of the artworks done by our artists ! Two openings, special events, meet the artist’s events and much more that will create a full artistic program to attract all kinds of art lovers !

The first of this events is dedicated to the transformation of our world, the ones we are “enduring” and the one the world is desperately in need…that’s why the title is, simply…TransitionS

In fact the transformation is not unique, there are multiple possible transitions that are worth exploring, especially in the artistic, cultural, social and ecological domain. In this dynamic the exhibition will turn around works by international artists which express what the word “Transition” in any aspect means for them and what would be the transition we need the most in their opinion.

The exhibition will also be part of the general trend chosen by Monteoliveto Gallery to define its events in this year and in the next, the ecological, cultural and artistic Transition that we desperately need, any day a little bit more !

We wait for you from the 1st to the 14th of February 2023 at the Monteoliveto Gallery Ephémère in Paris to present you the new works of our artists that will make you discover all the kinds of transitions that our world can offer !

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