1st Salamander International Art Prize

Monteoliveto Gallery, in search of new artistic adventures, has decided to set out towards a new appointment dedicated to contemporary art which, as always, highlights and enhances its interpreters. With this in mind, the 1st Salamander International Art Prize was born, a prize dedicated to contemporary art.
We chose the Salamander to represent our prize, as it was one of the animals that fascinated our beloved director, Chantal Lora, who sadly left us in 2022. Chantal Lora was also Monteoliveto Gallery’s co-founder and in the last 20 years she has carried out, with a smile, an energetic and passionate work, to make the gallery’s artists, coming from all over the world, known, throughout Europe with always original events.
For this reason and for many others, from the first moment we thought of dedicating this Prize to her memory. In this way her positive spirit will always be linked to the Art world.


1 – Participation in the prize is open to all artists. Participation is validated by registration using the form published on the ”1st Salamander International   Art Prize” page of the MonteolivetoGallery website. (www.monteolivetogallery.com).

2 – All participating artists will be able to present a work. All artistic media are accepted.

3 – The registered works sizing:

  • two-dimensional works on: (canvas, wood, paper, fabric, metals, plastic materials or video projection screens, etc….). FREE DIMENSION

  • three-dimensional works (sculptures or installations, etc.) FREE DIMENSIONS

  • The materials necessary for the creation of the work are the responsibility of the artists.

4 – All the registered works will be presented on the Monteoliveto Gallery website, on a dedicated page and on social media.

5 – All participating artists have the right to make a short self-presentation video (max 20”) to promote their participation in the Prize. This video cannot contain images of the works in competition. Each participant in the Prize grants the MonteolivetoGallery the rights of reproduction and use of this short video free of charge for the promotion of the 1st Salamander International Art Prize.

6 – The works presented in violation of the regulation and the indications of the curator are excluded from the Prize. Monteoliveto Gallery is not liable for damages occurred to the work during transport deriving from unsuitability or insufficiency of the packaging.

7 – The Jury, made up of art professionals

  • will select 20 works as finalists that will be part of a special catalogue, of which the selected artists will receive a copy.

  • will decide ONE winning work among the 20 finalists. This work will be the winner of the 1st Salamander International Art Prize

  • The winner of the 1st Salamander International Art Prize will participate, with his work, in an art fair in 2023,  in the Monteoliveto Gallery stand.

8 – TWO works will be awarded with the Public Award and the Monteoliveto Gallery Award.

  • The Public Award will be awarded by voting on social networks and on the gallery website. Voting is open to everyone.

  • The winner of the Public Award will participate, with his work, in the collective exhibition of the Monteoliveto Gallery: #ArtCrossings which will be held at the Casa Museo Spazio Tadini in Milan, from 13 March to 6 April 2023.

  • The winner of the Monteoliveto Gallery Award will participate, with his work, in a collective exhibition in the Monteoliveto Home Gallery in Naples.

9 – Registration closes on January 31st 2023. The finalists and winners will be announced on February 8th 2023.

10 – The AWARDED works will be exhibited on February 23, 2023 in PARIS. Their sending and recovery will be the responsibility of the artist. The works will be exhibited in the space and in the way that the curator will consider suitable for the characteristics of the works themselves. During the awards evening, ALL the works that participated will be screened in a video.

11 – The judgment of the jury is unquestionable and indisputable;

12 – With the participation in the 1st Salamander International Art Prize, the artists:

  • declare and guarantee the authorship and full availability of the work as well as the exclusive ownership of all the rights inherent to it.

  • declare that the work with which they participate meets the requirements of this regulation.

  • declare to indemnify and hold MonteolivetoGallery harmless from any possible claim that may be made by third parties in relation to the Works and/or its reproduction, publication.

  • They grant the MonteolivetoGallery the rights of reproduction, exhibition, publication and communication to the public of their works, in any way and without any consideration. It is understood that all this is a rewarding activity for the artist, who expressly waives any claim relating to it.

13 – Participation in the 1st Salamander International Art Prize automatically implies acceptance of these regulations which are deposited at the MonteolivetoGallery and published on the monteolivetogallery.com website

14 –  The registration fee is 60 €

15 –  By accepting these regulations, each participant gives consent to the processing of their data directly or indirectly, through third parties, according to the provisions of the pursuant to art. 13 of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 (GDPR) and Legislative Decree 196/2003 (T.U.) and subsequent amendments, in relation to the purposes necessary for the management and execution of this Award. The data and images that are acquired in the context of this Award are collected and processed, also with the aid of electronic means, for the activities connected to the performance of the Salamandra Award, including the realization of the exhibition events and in any case to implement legal obligations.



Volkmar Petermann (De) - Janara - 100 cm x 80 cm acrylic on canvas - 2020
Micaela Pagener (De) Naples Divers - 117cm x 92cm x 10 cm - Technique assemblage - 2020
Gabriele Vallentin (Germany) - Sardegna 2 - 70 x 80 cm - oil on canvas - 2017
Fulvio Tornese (it) - la regina del deserto - 70x80cm - acrilico su carta intelata - 2020
María Isabel De Lince (Colombia) - Rebirth - 70 x 70 cm - oil on canvas - 2022
Eddy Verloes (Belgium) - Losing Our Minds - 60X90cm - Photography - 2020
Therese Boisclair (Canada) - Energy - mixed media - 100x100cmx4cm - 2022
Bernadette Blümel (Österreich) - Firesalamander - 50 x 40 cm - inkdrawing - 2023
Axel Becker (Deutschland) - Hommage of Munch - Scream, Bronze, - 36x9x3cm - 2021
John Bacon (USA) - Two Become One - 43" x 57 " - acrylic on canvas - 2022
Andy Berrend (FRANCE) - Shantalayya, la déesse des artistes - 50x65 cm - Technique Mixte, pastels, feutres - 2023
Mayerau Luana (france) - l'homme-oiseau-acrylique sur toile -240x92 cm
Petra Jaenicke (Germany) - Being human without echo - 80 x 64 cm - Digital multi-layered photography - 2022
Moufida Bouamari. (France/ Algérie) - Dreams - 60x90 cm - Tirage Pro couleur Premium collage Dibond - 2023
Stefania Ianniello (Italia) "Guerriero" - 100x80cm - Oil on Canvas - 2023
Kerstin Kager (Österreich) Salamander - 30x30cm - Mixed Media on canvas - 2023
Sophia Gutchinov (United States) - 2020: I'm so woke, I'm tired - 27inx28in - Mixed Media Collage - 2020
Vicente Andrade (Chile) - XIII: Death (Marilyn Manson) - 130 x 60 cm - Oil on canvas - 2019
Julie Waas (United States of America) - Jigsaw - 27.94 cm X 35.56 cm - Acrylic and Watercolor on Art Paper - 2022
Wilma Wijnen (Netherlands) Bright Colors - 50x85 cm -Photography with Digital post processing - 2023
Mariantonietta D’Errico (Italy) - Upside down - 70x100 - Black and white Photography - 2022
Serenella Sossi (Italia) - COVID - olio su tela di juta - cm 30x40 - fine 2022
Roger de Tanios (Lebanon) - Ayshak man
Glusevic Danisa (Chile) - Whale - 40x50cm - Mischtecnik auf Papier - 2020
Simona Occhiuzzi (Italy) - Piazza Bellini Napoli - 40x50 cm. - acrilico su tela - 2022
Alissa Thor (france) - Le coq en pate - huile sur toile - 50x39 cm - 2022
Andrea LU (france) - Parthenope - encre, crayon, acquerelle, feuilles d’Or, acrylique, papier decuope,/ Papier 180g. - 2021
Mari Grisanti (Chile) - South stars - 25 cm x15 cm - Engraving linograpphy - 2022