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#Through Your Lens | Paris Edition

03 Nov 2023 - 26 Nov 2023

Justin Chan, Marlo Sarmiento, Moufida Bouamari, Nada karam, Eunnym Cho

November 3 to 26, 2023

15 rue Saint Bernard. 11ème arrondissement – PARIGI

Curator:   Gilbert Ciervo

In November it’s the month of Photography in Paris and as Monteoliveto Gallery has always had a particular attention to the photographic artists, we dedicate our November exhibition to what our artists can see “through their lenses”…The #ThroughYourLens exhibition will run during the whole month and at the same time of the big events of the city “Paris Photo” and “Photo-StGermain”.



Justin Chan

Born in Hong Kong, Justin Chan was High School and University educated in Canada, where he obtained his degree in Visual Arts & Philosophy. He lived & works as a fash-ion/commercial photographer between Paris, London and Tokyo. He was also a part-time lecturer at the HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE OF ART while in Hong Kong. 2010 saw him starting an agent for international photographers & production company for China and the Asian Pacific region while based in Shanghai. 

And now, as a member of the IAVA INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF VISUAL ARTISTS in Italy, he concentrates wholeheartedly on his own art/abstract photography.  Justin comes from an expansive and technical history of working between many photo-graphic genres worldwide. This experience has led him to master capturing the mundane as something of exception, giving him years of experience on how to work within the constraints of his own imagination.

Justin’s work pertains to a strong and fluent sense of composition capturing the nuances of detail in mood, colour and performance. And with his own special visual language, he now continues to break traditional photographic boundaries, and discovers fresh ideas in expressing his world view.

“We all participate in a collective consciousness around us, which dictates and governs our shared common reality. My photography work itself no longer define a scenery, or an object as we know it. It no longer represents anything at all. It has become a new horizon of artistic impressions. The works allow us alternative ways of seeing everyday objects as mething we have never seen before. In fact, they have provided us the freedom of seeing the usual everyday objects as anything we want to see they as, according to our imagination, our participating power of visualization, & our own individual life experiences…. And in the end, we come to the discovery that these different realities already exist within our collective consciousness, unconsciously.”

He wish that the audiences would come away with an expanded consciousness of the world around each one of us, and the notion that the power of visualization can no doubt change our identities with and the world with-in & with-out. Freedom is the power of self-determination attributed to the free will; the quality of being independent of the domination and imprisonment of an enforced limited reality, thus the power to change our world.

Marlo Sarmiento


Nada karam

A photo awakens ones forgotten passion for adventure. Photography binds us with earth and cultures, unveiling aspects of the universe and humanity that are hidden to the naked eye.
Nada studied advertising \ fine arts at the Lebanese American University in Beirut and worked in Paris at BREET (Bureau Relation Economie Et Tourisme) as a graphic designer. She later moved as an art director at “Atelier d’Art” an advertising agency based in Beirut.
However, her passion for photography put her in a different path & she was a chief of photography at “Beyond” magazine for 4 years. That brought out the artist inside her and manifested in the diversity of her artworks which was exhibited in various locations.    

“I feel fulfilled and complete when I share my work and awaken in others deep buried feelings bringing to light an awareness of the moment, in purity, captured forever… A photo is boundless, like the soul, limitless and eternal…” – Nada Karam

Eunnym Cho

Looking into the Lives  
Looking into the lives began while looking for unique elements from various spots.  I was driven into vivid color and dynamic lights around for the first. While appreciating those elements, I became more aware of the inhabitants especially those who were alone.
Solitary figures in a very public space. A flood of questions arose.
What are they staring at? What are they thinking? What are their stories behind?
The mind creates questions; the camera creates answers. I set out to photograph, using the point of view of a storyteller. Under a serene state of mind, I tried to depict their stories, expressions, and moods.   Eunnym Cho is a photographer who currently lives and works in New York. Her background as a theatre designer is heavily reflected in her images. She takes an audience’s point of view through a lens with dramatic scenes of daily life. Her inspired works are based on visions that reflect serene contemplation combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric elements. Emotion plays the key role in her photos. Emotion incorporates stories and poetry in a metaphorical language in composition as she amplifies sensations.



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